Skin Repair Treatment Bath Pricing

Does your pet suffer from itchy, dry, irritated or skin conditions? Are you tired of giving them medicine that doesn’t cure the problem but just masks it? Then you are in luck. We have started a new Skin Repair Treatment to help heal your pets skin. This doesn’t solve skin allergies that are caused by improper nutritional health. You will need to change your pet’s food first and then start the skin repair treatment to heal their skin. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment then contact us today and ask for the Skin Repair Treatment.

Pricing for individual treatments are shown below. We recommend starting with a 3 bath package. The second appointment will be done 2-3 days after the first appointment and the last appointment is done a week later.

0-10 lbs = $110

11-20 lbs = $120

21-40 lbs = $130

41-60 lbs = $140

61-80 lbs =$165

81 & up = $180

There are discount rates for signing up to one of our 3 bath packages, 5 bath packages and 10 bath packages.