Environmental Allergies

Angel developed environmental and food allergies about 2 years ago. His veterinarian prescribed an anti-itch medication that didn’t help. After an allergy test was done, it showed that he was allergic to lamb (which was the food he was eating at the time) and to colonial bent grass. He food was changed and with the thera-clean baths the itching has stopped. He has been more relaxed and happier dog.


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Environmental Allergies

Titus came to use after his anti-itch medication no longer worked. He was chewing on all his legs and he started to lose his fur. He was never at ease because of the itchiness and allergies from his environment. After his first bath, he was so relaxed that he finally had a good night of sleep. He started to calm down and no longer chewing of his legs. After the third bath his fur has grown back and become shiny. Even his veterinarian has been amazed by this treatment. Here is what Titus’s mom had to say about this treatment.

“My dog Titus was never given an official diagnosis of the skin irritations, although the vet was going to prescribe medication. Before doing that, Purrfect Paw Prints suggested we try the new microbubble therapy. Within two weeks Titus’s raw irritated skin was back to normal, even a laceration he got at daycare healed within those two weeks with new hair growth. He has very little itching and no more redness. I highly recommend this service over giving my pet medication. “


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Paisley came into the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue in 2017. Her previous owners had her shaved pass her undercoat. This is a problem for double coated dogs when you shave them. After three months her coat only came back in patches. It was hard to get her adopted and her self-confidence was not there either. We started her on the Thera-Clean bathing package and after the second bath her fur started to grow back. She was adopted two months after starting the treatment and is a loving girl. Her new month continues to have her get the baths to try to regrow fur in all areas.


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Environmental Allergies

King started to experience itchiness after pesticide was sprayed in his yard. He would get so itchy that he would rub himself against the outside walls of his house. He would break the skin and this allowed for bacteria to enter his body which in turn spread through out his body. It continue to get worse everyday until he started to receive the Thera-Clean bath. Every time we show up he runs into the truck and is ready for his bath. As you can see after one bath his skin started to heal. He is no longer itching or rubbing himself against walls. His owners said the following:

“You can tell that he is so much happier. Before he wouldn’t come around new people or want to get pet. Now he is the first one to greet anyone coming to visit us. On top of that he loves getting his baths. Thank you for making King feel like his name says.”