Did you know?


Pet groomers don’t need to be certified/licensed to groom your pets. There is no law enforcing certification. Purrfect Paw Prints’ groomers and bathers are all certified.

If you want to keep your pets healthy, they need to be groomed at most every 4 weeks for dogs and every 6 weeks for cats. Imagine you not bathing for months. How would you feel? Your pets feel the same way.

Cats don’t groom themselves. They are only licking themselves. Imagine going through life not bathing but only licking yourself. How clean would you feel? By bathing your cats on a 6 week schedule, we will be removing excessive undercoat, hairballs, nail trimming maintenance, ear cleaning and removing excessive oils left on your cats fur. You will get back a fluffier and happier pet.

Taking your pets to the groomers on a regular schedule will save you money at the veterinary office. When you bring your pets in for grooming regularly, we as groomers can check for beginning signs of ear infections, catch foxtails before they become a serious problem for your pets, check for fleas and ticks, check your pets’ anal glands, check dental before it’s a costly surgery, or check for any abnormalities in your pets’ walk, body or behavior. Catching any illnesses early can help in paying less at veterinarian visits and minimize costly emergency visits.

Purrfect Paw Prints offers mud treatments for your pets. We have a mobility mud treatment that helps reduce inflammation in your pets’ joints and stimulates blood flow. It works great for dogs with arthritis pain and joint issues. We also offer a soothing mud treatment for dry, itchy skin. Lastly, we offer a fortified mud treatment for pure relaxation for your pets. All mud treatments come with a 10-minute massage for your pets.

When you walk your dog or put them in your backyard they pick up many bacteria on their paws. Bathing alone doesn’t remove all bacteria off your dog’s paws. Many develop allergies on their paws. Purrfect Paw Prints offers pad treatment with the Spa Packages.

Double coated and short haired dogs should never be shaved. By shaving them you are removing their natural sunblock and now have allowed bacteria to penetrate their skin. Many pets develop skin problems that have the possibility of never going away. They will need to be on medication for the rest of their lives. Skin conditions are the highest problems seen by veterinarians. We de-shed your pets either by a de-shedding rake or by carding.