Summertime and your pets

Good morning pet parents,

As we all know it’s finally summertime, the kids are out of school and the temperatures are in the 100’s. We all worry about protecting our kids from the sun but we have to remember to take care about our pets too. Here are 5 things to help your pets to stay cool.

  • Walking your dogs either earlier in the day or later at night when the temperatures are lower.
  • Always provide fresh water for your pets
  • Provide frozen treats including doggie ice cream (we sell puppy scoop ice cream). You can freeze carrots and give them as treats
  • Provide a dog cooling collar so they can wear during the day or on walks

Grooming your pets on a regular schedule helps keep them cool. Remember to get them de-shedding or brushing out the loose undercoat so fresh air can cool them down.

So let’s enjoy the summer in a healthy and safe way.

Thank you,

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Summertime and your pets